Aditya Aryal by Stephen Freiheit

My work, playing with vibrant colors and geometric shapes & patterns, is in constant search of an unique visual language to express my thoughts and ideas. Growing up in the urban surroundings of Kathmandu, my visions are based on personal experiences and a long thought process.

In his portfolio Kathmandu-based artist Aditya Aryal examines different perspectives on diverse and often subliminal realities.

Those Dionysian visions can find their materialisation as portraits, characters and calligraphy in different media and contexts. The artist, coming from a Street Art background, nowadays works as much on canvas and found objects as on the walls of urban spaces.

Aditya Aryal has exhibited his works locally within Nepal and globally in galleries in New York, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Lisbon, London and Nantes.

Looking through kaleidoscopes. Seeing realities. Passing a vision.